Thursday, May 26, 2016

Perfect Compress v 6.13 - An All in One Compressor/Archivator

Perfect Compress v 6.13 - An All in One Compression-Decompression Software

Perfect Compress is a collection of Many Compressors/Decompressors such as File PreOptimization, Data Compression, Archive Optimization, Archive Converter, Store on etc. So far, one of the Best Compression Tool..Perfect Compress is able to compress files to over 35 formats including ZIP, 7z, PAQ, ZPAQ, RZM, Flashzip, Rings, Hook, PACKET, BZP and a lot more formats. The software also ftures a format that is a combination of PAQ and 7z which the author calls UCA ("ULTRA Compressed Archive" or for a longer name "ULTimate peRfect space sAver Compressed Archive"). The software is also able to extract all of the mentioned compression formats
Why he crted the UCA format? Well, basically, it is not a new format, but rather a PAQ compressed file compressed again in 7z, so it is PAQ + 7z. The advantage of using UCA is that when using PAQ, you must use the same version to extract it, but UCA writes a file to the 7z archive which tells the software what version of PAQ was used for compression so it can use the same for the extraction. As of version 3.10, it is possible to use RZM as main compression engine for those who wants speed rather than compression..
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