Thursday, May 26, 2016


It seems that more and more people are rlizing what a useful format PDF is. Crting your own PDFs can be a bit difficult, but luckily more and more products to help you do it sily come onto the market every day.
Abdio PDF Editor is one of these products. With a cln, attractive interface, using it is a cinch, especially if you have used programs like Word in the past. You can literally crte your PDF as if it was a regular word processing document - just start to type, format as you want, add

s, graphs and even a variety of other objects, like databases, clips and audio.
When you are rdy to save your PDF, just hit Save. You'll be able to save it as a normal PDF or as an Abdio PDF Editor project. You can also export the document to various formats, including HTML and Word.
Abdio PDF Editor is perfect for people who don't want to mess around with the impressive - but complied - options of more famous PDF crtion programs. It is very sy to use, and has a range of editing options that will meet the vast majority of users' needs.
Abdio PDF Editor is very sy to use and perfect for occasional - but professional - PDF crtion.Recent changesChanged name from Micro PDF Editor
Now compatible with Vista
New interfacePros
Allows you to edit PDF's like Word documentsAdd s, audio, graphs etc.Security ftures availableCons
Not many configuration optionsHelp tab is confusing and riddled with ads

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