Thursday, May 26, 2016


Pamela is a Skype certified plug-in or add-on software appliion that runs alongside Skype to enhance Skype with functions that make using Skype even more fun and effective. Ftures of Pamela Basic: Start Assistant to make configuration of options even more simple. Automatic program update function. Keep up to date with latest relses automatically! Full support of multi-user environments. Integrated crash reporter tool. Help us make Pamela even more stable and reliable! Option to play all Pamela recordings with the default player instd of the built in player of Pamela. Pamela will save the name and time of the person that tried to contact you when you where in a call and Pamela sent auto reply. This so you can sily call them back when you finish your call.
- Intuitive, Skype compatible user interface
- Record any type of Skype call
- Record Skype and Chats
- Local Skype answering machine
- answering machine
- Supports Skype Voicemail
- Copy Skype Voicemails to local file
- Birthday Notifiions
- Rich Mood Editor. Spice up your Skype Mood
- Take notes during a call or add them later
- Use the Emotion Sounds Player to play cool sounds during a call
- Automatic call recording (In- Outbound or both)
- Disable call recording warning
- Automatic Skype chat reply while you are away
- Supports natively , WAV and OGG. Additionally any installed c too
- Skype Podcasting and Blogging

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