Thursday, May 26, 2016

Optimus 2X upgrade to Android 4.0

Optimus 2X upgrade to Android 4.0-" Optimus 2X, and some high-end smart other is currently in the planning process to update the operating system Sanwich Ice Crm.

Optimus 2X smartphone is one of the most likely mengaupgrade Ice Crm Sandwich in the nr future. Then some other handsets will also be designed to develop the Android version 4.0 before it was launched.

"Detailed information about the schedule update from OS Ice Crm Sandwich for certain models will be announced, after the OS is launched Google. Plse wait for further updates from ,"

like all vendors currently planning to use the Ice Crm Sandwich to their latest handset, even some who have been promised that smart have been using the operating system Gingerbrd will be on upgrading to Android version 4.0, and is currently still in the process of rlization.

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