Thursday, May 26, 2016

Need For Speed 2 SE Free Download Full Version Pc Game

Need For Speed 2 SE Need for Speed II is a 1997 racing game, developed by Electronic Arts Canada and published by Electronic Arts. It is a part of the Need for Speed series and sequel to The Need for Speed (1994), significantly deviating from the emphasis of rlism in The Need for Speed to arcade-like gameplay, though it introduces the car tuning. As does its predecessor, Need for Speed II ftures several exotic cars, and includes tracks set in various parts of the world. The game also opted to remove police pursuits introduced in The Need for Speed.There are three main game types. The first two are single race and tournament and the last is a knockout race. Single races allow players to become familiar with the circuits and incrse their skill of any one of the six tracks. The six tracks are called Mediterrann, Mystic Pks, Proving Grounds, Outback, North Country, and Pacific Spirit.[1] Cars that are playable from the start include the McLaren F1, Ferrari F50, Ford GT90, Jaguar XJ220, Lotus GT1 and Lotus Espirit V8, Italdesign Cala, and the Isdera Commendatore 112i.[1] The game ftures extensive multi-player options including two to eight players over a LAN, by modem or connection and with split-screen racing.[2]One of the towns on the Mystic Pks trackIn a single race the player selects the opposing car, while all cars compete in a tournament and at the start of a knockout race. There is also two playing styles—arcade or simulation. Arcade mode improves handling while simulation mode is intended to provide more rlism.[3] The of laps can be chosen from two, four or six. Automatic or manual transmission as well car paint color are selectable in all game types.A tournament race involves playing all tracks in order with the starting track able to be selected. Only after successfully completing a tournament in first place can knockout races can be played. Knockout races involve racing two laps over ch of the six tracks with a of opponents. These disqualifiion races always start on the siest circuit and continue through ch map, with the player who finishes last being eliminated after ch race. After advancing through all the tracks another circuit is revled. Monolithic Studios can then only be played by completing all knockout races first.More Soft & Games

Minimum CPU Type: PentiumMinimum
CPU Speed: 90 MHz
Minimum RAM Required: 16 MB
Minimum Hard Space: 10 MB
Graphics Type: SVGA
Graphics Resolution: 800x600
Color Depth: High ColorDownload this gamessy Download & installDirect Download & Direct Play How to Download

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