Thursday, May 26, 2016


MULTI FACEBOOK LOGINI am sure most of us have multiple Facebook accounts. Myself have more than three Facebook accounts. Well why we have more than one account?, I would say mainly for privacy. I use one account for personal use and other for eral use. May be you have some other rson to use. But the question is how we can login into multiple Facebook accounts simultaneously? May be you have alrdy tried login into to multiple accounts simultaneously in the same browser but no luck. So here have decided to provide some tricks on how to login into multiple Facebook Accounts with same browser by using different browsers likeFirefox,ChromndInternet Explorer.
This trick also works for Orkut, Gmail, Myspace, Yahoo, etc.
Multiple Facebook Logins On FireFox

1. We useFirefoxadd-on calledMultifoxis an extension that allows Firefox to login into multiple account by using different user names simultaneously. If you don't haveFirefox, then download the latestFirefox 7.

2. Go toMultifoxdownload the latest add-on.

3. Once Firefox add-on installed, your browser will restart.

4. Now use your firstFacebook IDto login.

4. then open a new tab right click at the tab and select "Open in a New Identify Profile".

5. Next try to login into your secondFacebook Account.
Multiple Facebook Logins On chrome1.Google Chromecomes with aincognitemode that allows your to login into multiple accounts.

2. Go ToGoogle Chromebrowser. Don't haveGoogle Chromeget it fromHere.

3. Click onToolsicon and select NewIncognitoWindow. Alternatively you can pressCtrl + Shift + Nto open a newIncognitoWindow.

4. Now login into multiple Facebook Accounts.
Multiple Facebook Logins On Internet Explorer1.Internet Explorercomes with aNew Sessionmode that allows you to open brand new window session.

2. Open yourInternet Explorerand login into your first Facebook account.

3. From menu bar click onFiletab selectNew session. This will open a new window.

4. Now you should be able to login by using your second Facebook ID.

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