Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mastering C# Database Programming by Jason Price Free Download

Mastering C# Database Programming by Jason Price
Size: 19.61 MBFormat: CHMChapters: 17

Welcome to Mastering C# .NET Database Programming! As you might alrdy know, .NET is poised to become the hot platform for the next wave of technology deployment. .NET's strength is that it is built from the ground up to be used in a distributed environment-in other words, an environment that consists of computers and devices connected via a network.

The focus of this book is how you write C# programs that interact with a database. C# uses ADO.NET to interact with a database; ADO.NET is the successor to ADO. In this book, you'll lrn the details of interacting with a SQL Server database. SQL Server is 's premier database software.

has pledged its commitment and resources to making .NET a pervasive component of life in our technological society-ignore .NET at your own peril. The bottom line is you need to lrn .NET if you want to remain competitive in today's-and tomorrow's-marketplace.

In a nutshell, .NET is a completely new framework for writing many types of appliions. The appliions you can write using .

NET include appliions and Web-based appliions. You can use .NET to develop systems composed of interconnected services that communie with ch other over the Internet.

In addition, you can use .NET to crte appliions that run on devices such as handheld computers and cellular . Although other languages allow you to develop such appliions, .NET was designed with the interconnected network in mind.

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