Thursday, May 26, 2016

Master Voyager | 3.04 Free Download

Master Voyager | 3.04
Master Voyagerwas especially designed to crte protected / discs and USB Flash Drives (Pendrive).Protected Disc/Pendrive is fully autonomous and does not need any special software installed on computer. It is possible to crte protected media on first computer and "play" it on a second computer with.

installed OS: 7, Vista, XP.
Master Voyager would be helpful in the following situations:
• protected / with large ammount of sensitive data inside can be safely sent via usual postal mail
• Encrypted backups on / can be kept in public places
• Encrypted USB Flash Drive can be stolen, but confidential documents will remain confidential.
• No need to decrypt files on /Pendrive before the use. Just enter and work with any document on /USB Flash Drive as with any usual storage device.

Main Ftures:
• Transparent decryption. There is no need to decrypt data from //USB or copy files from /USB to hard . Just enter and work with encrypted USB or . Open encrypted documents directly from /USB and even launch programs or play . Master Voyager utilizes special on-the-fly decryption technology invented for CryptoExpert Professional software.
• Do not worry about data confidentiality. Master Voyager uses 100% strong encryption of protected contents: AES 256-bit. AES is Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) and used to protect sensitive information by U.S.Government organizations and commercial organizations (banks and others). Rd more at

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