Thursday, May 26, 2016

MACL Injury Trtments in Orthopedics

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries are one of the most common types of complaints orthopedic surgeons trt. An estimated 1 in 3,000 Americans suffer from ACL injury ch yr. The age group most affected by this type of injury is teenagers and adults from the ages of 14 to 55. such as skiing, soccer, basketball, and football put a lot of stress on your knees are the most common sources of ACL injury. Injury occurs when the knee is twisted suddenly or experiences excessive pressure causing the knee to give out. These injuries can be very painful and cause permanent damage to your knee if not trted properly. What is the ACL?The ACL is a braided ligament within your knee’s anatomy. You knee is a joint and made up of three bones. The femur (thighbone), tibia (shinbone), and patella (kneecap) all meet to form your knee. The patella sits in front of the actual joint to give it protection. These bones are all connected by four primary ligaments and these ligaments are like strong ropes holding your bones together and keeping your knee stable. The collateral ligaments are on the sides of your knee. On the inside is the medial collateral ligament, and the lateral collateral ligament is on the outside. These ligaments control the motion of your knee and help to brace it. Cruciate ligaments are inside of your knee. They form an X and control the back and forth motion of your knee joint. The ACL is loed diagonally in the middle of the knee joint. It secures the patella from sliding around and provides rotational stability.
ACL Injury and SymptomsThe American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) divides injury classifiions into three egories. Since the ACL is a ligament these injuries are known as sprains, but they can also include trs.· A Grade 1 sprain slightly damages the ligaments, but you are still able to hold your knee stable.· Grade 2 sprains stretch the ligament so much it becomes loose. This is also known as a partial tr.· A Grade 3 sprain is actually a tr in the ligament. The ligament is torn into two pieces and your knee is unstable. Injuries can occur from a variety of causes. Sudden movement, jerking, and impact to the knee are the most common sources of injury to ACL. Symptoms may include pain and swelling, loss of motion in the knee, tenderness in the knee joint, and pain when walking. Orthopedic Trtment for ACL InjuryTrtment of an ACL injury will depend upon the severity of the injury and your lifestyle. People who are active and engage in may require surgery to return to their lifestyle while a less active or elderly person may be able to receive trtment without surgery. Your orthopedic surgeon will examine you, take x-rays, and review your medical history to make the best choice for your situation.If your injury is not severe and the ligament is not torn rest, bracing, and physical therapy may be the best trtment options. If however the ACL is torn and your surgeon decides you are a good candidate for surgery the ACL can’t be stitched together, it must be rebuilt.ACL Arthroscopic SurgeryIn order to do this procedure your surgeon will take a graft from another ligament in your body and use this to rebuild your ACL. Surgery is not done right away, your surgeon will wait for some of the inflammation to subside from your injury before proceeding. This is to help the hling process and prevent the formation of scar tissue which may inhibit the movement of your knee.Most ACL surgery is done arthroscopically. This type of surgery is performed by inserting a small camera (arthroscopic camera) into small incisions made into your knee. Your surgeon can then perform the operation quickly and sily. Arthroscopic surgery is much less invasive and has a shorter recovery time than traditional methods. Once your surgery is over you will have to go through rehabilitative therapy to hl and regain your knee’s range of motion. This type of surgery has a good success rate if you follow your surgeon’s post-operative instructions. Your knees experience a grt amount of stress from day to day activities and injuries are a common complaint. If you experience injury to your knee be sure to consult with a doctor that specializes in orthopedics to find out the extent of your injury and the best course of trtment to get you back in the game. Author BioKathryn McDowell is a freelance writer specializing in hlth and wellness. She uses her resrch skills to edue her rders on the prevention and trtment of common complaints in orthopedics.

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