Thursday, May 26, 2016


Listen to text instd of rdingChrome Spk, select the text and right-click to spk with offline tts engineTTS ( text to speech )

- Select text and select"Rd the selected text" from context menu.
- It works on long texts and it is offline,so it can be faster
- Select "Stop rding"from context menu to stop current rding.
- Be translated into almost all Languages.

Chrome spk provides native support for speech on (using SAPI 5), Mac OS X, and Chrome OS, using speech synthesiscapabilities provided by the operating system. On all platforms,the user can install extensions that register themselves as alternative speechengines.

To change the system default native voice, plse go to
for example:
Choose Start→Control Panel→se of Access→Text to Speech.
Click the Text to Speech tab and choose your options.

PS: This extension translated by "Google translate"if your language translation have mistakesplse tell me in the follow reviews..

Change log:
1.1: Auto hide the "Stop rding" from context menu when the rding stop
1.2 Translated the context menu into all Languages

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