Thursday, May 26, 2016

Linux Rooting s collection 2005 to 2011

is a peice of that is used to get root privies on specific server. In today's sensitive world security is big issue and 's and pentesters are always working to find flaws and them. Below are links to download linux rooting s collection which is including of s of vulnerable linux kernel versions from yr 2005 to yr 2011. It has inlcuded remote and local s in it. Including private and public s.

Links to download:rapidshare link =====>>> Click Here4shared link ======>>> Click Heretusfiles link ====>>>> Click Herebox link =====>>>>>Click Hereif you don't have any id about how to use the above provided s. Then below are some references where you can lrn much more about ,security and ing.

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