Thursday, May 26, 2016


A lightweight and simple-to-use tool that helps users calculate the energy usage for virtual machines, notebooks, or desktops, as well as software appliions
Joulemeter is a lightweight appliion designed to help you msure the energy used by your computer.
Not only does the program calculate the energy usage for virtual machines, notebooks, or desktops, but you can also view the energy required by different appliions.
The user interface is simple and gives users the possibility to view power usage statistics. You can get details about the CPU and , as well as calculate the total of watts your station used.
Furthermore, the appliion provides information about the amount of time the computer was in “Sleep” or “Hibernate” mode. Plus, it offers details about the estimated energy usage and CO2 emission.
If you want to obtain more accurate information, it is advisable to calibrate the machine. Joulemeter allows you to perform this operation for three types of systems, namely desktop, laptop, or server.
In order to start the calibrating process for a desktop, you are required to connect a WattsUp meter. If there aren’t any batteries or WattsUp available, you can perform a manual calibration by providing details about the expected power values.
Hence, you can choose the model type (laptop, desktop), and give details about the value when the computer is turned on, CPU usage, the power consumption of the monitor, and others.
To sum things up, Joulemeter offers a simple software solution when it comes to monitoring the computer components activity and msuring the energy used by ch of them.

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