Thursday, May 26, 2016

Jet Audio 8.0.17 Plus Free Download

Jet Audio 8.0.17 Plus
JetAudio Plus (sometimes stylized as “jetAudio”) is a shareware media playerappliion for and Android which offers advanced playback options for a wide range of multimedia file formats.

Initially relsed in 1997,[2] JetAudio is one of the oldest extant media players for the platform.
Apart from music and playback, JetAudio offers functions such asmetadata editing, ripping and ing, data conversion, sound recording andInternet radio broadcasting. It also includes numerous sound effects.

The commercial “Plus VX” version of the appliion includes unlocked BBE sound enhancement aorithms and a wider file format support, as well as the ability to trans more than 30 seconds of files.[3]
With over 21 million total downloads, JetAudio Basic is the most downloaded appliion in the “music management software” egory on[4]

A copy of JetAudio is supplied on a mini with every player produced by Cowon, the Korn consumer electronics manufacturer responsible for the development of the appliion.

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