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Every mobile phone either it is Smartphone or old one must have some secret with its ftures.Now the question is that what are Mobiles Secret ? The secret of smartphone are usually the hidden or tricks or tips from users and mostly use for the purpose for finding IMEI, trouble shooting, basic settings, or providing shortcuts. Now,we’re going to share some of iPhone secret and tricks with you.
iPhone secret and tricks:
There are somesecret on mobile that very few users know. iPhone Smartphone’s operating system iOS also have some secret for multiple purposes like sy access to setting and etc. Withthesehidden for iPhone you will get full information about your iPhone and view or modify the parameters used.

These are very sy to use. you only have to compose on the board of the phone appliion on your iPhone.In the Phone appliion, click on the “board” tab and then as if you dial a phone you need to enter thehidden . Now we’re going to share some of them with you. Hopefully you will find them useful.
Note: Some of will requiretapping of call on your iPhone, actually most of them requirecall button + tap(mns slide it). So if any doesn’t work just by dialing, you just need totap the call and it will work. Infact except the IMEI one all requirecall + tap.
* # 21 # -This displays information about call forwarding (calls, voice and data).With this , you can forward your calls to a phone of your choice.
* # 30 # -This enables / disablesthe phone calling you.
* 3001 # 12345 # -This launches named “AppliionField Test” (a hidden appliion).You can see all info about iPhone ftures in detail as the strength of the GSM signal or information on your SIM, etc..
* # 06 #- This gives the IMEI of the phone.It will work on any Smartphone or mobile of any brand. This is used to identify a phone see disable its use on mobile networks (in case of loss or theft, for example).
*225#- This is for checking accounts bill balance (only for prepaid lines).
# # 002 #- This disables all call forwarding.
* # 76 # -Displays information about the identifiion of connected lines.
*646#- You can see the information of the minutes used on your account with this (only for postpaid lines).
*777#- You can know the details of the account or the prepaid balance i with this .
*3282#- You can use this to know the information about the use of data.
* # 33 #- Information on outgoing calls.
* # 31 # -(+ of the person calling):Allows you to hide your .
* # 62 # -information call forwarding if phone is off.
* # 61 # -Information on the delivery of the phone call.
* # 43 # -Get information on the call waiting.
* # 67 # -information call forwarding if busy telephone.
These are applicable to all models of iphone and definitely for the upcoming iPhone 5.If you know of other , share!

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