Thursday, May 26, 2016

Inspiron i3847-5078BK Desktop ( 7) Cest Prices and Reviews

Performance:The Inspiron i3847-5078 was relsed a couple of months ago, and because of that, it’s sporting the latest eration of ’s 64-bit processors. The Core i5-4460 is an incredibly capable quad-core processor clocked at 3.2GHz and can even overclock itself by 200MHz when it needs to for a performance boost during critical tasks.
Free Shipping and Delivery, Further Details are here8GB of RAM is more than sufficient for most -based appliions and even some photo editing software as well. You’ll be able to have tons of appliions open simultaneously while also strming or playing music and surfing the web.
In terms of gaming, this desktop comes equipped with ’s own HD 6400 graphics chip. While this isn’t a dedied graphics card, it is more than capable for handling most games, albeit at medium to low settings. Older games should work just fine though, but this computer isn’t rlly gred towards gaming as much as it is towards productivity.

Size:The size of this computer is about what you’d expect for a mid-tower, weighing in at about 23 pounds and has a pretty small footprint, but not small enough to use as an HTPC. It’s not terribly long and it’s pretty short as well so you should have no problem incorporating it into most desk or workstation layouts.Ftures: includes a few extras with the Inspiron i3847, namely their PocketCloud 2.0 suite which allows you to access a lot of your content across multiple devices such as smart or tablets. They give you unlimited access and there’s also options to add more connections with their PocketCloud Premium service.

Also included with this PC is a wired board and mouse, which isn’t a bad gesture from . The board is pretty good but the mouse is somewhat lacking in ergonomics.Free Shipping and Delivery, Further Details are hereIf you want to hook this PC up to a new monitor or HD, has also installed an HDMI port on this PC so you won’t run into any issues with VGA and DVI.

While there are no actually spkers built into this case, which isn’t typical anyways, there is an onboard 5.1 surround sound chip which you can use to set up your own system.

On the software side, has also thrown in a free trial to as well as some McAfee software, which is pretty run of the mill.

Final Thoughts:This is a solid PC, and while it will work in the living room as a standard multimedia PC, it’ll work even better as a business or productivity machine. It’s small enough to fit pretty much anywhere except around your , and it’s quiet enough to not bother you except when it’s performing some hvy lifting. The 8GB of RAM is plenty enough for most appliions, and 1TB of hard drive space ensures you’ll be able to save most of your documents and projects for a very long time.

The price is a slight bit higher than what we’d expect with these specs, but the premium comes from a quality-built PC from which includes a 1 Yr In-home Warranty from the company which is something a lot of smaller companies simply cannot offer.Free Shipping and Delivery, Further Details are here


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