Thursday, May 26, 2016

iMessage reviews

What is iMessage? Although one of the excellent ftures, but many users who do not know in detail what it iMessage. In particular, iMessage not vary much with the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) belonging to the rim, because it is an instant messaging fture is exclusively for users of iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. iMessage can actually support since IOS version 4, but when it forms limited only to send text messages only. Since introduced the latest upgrade, IOS 5, now iMessage can alrdy exchanging photos, s, and other appliions. How to download? Having iMessage on your device is sy, here's how; - Make sure you download the update IOS 5, in order to maximize the service on this fture - After that you can srch iMessage in the iTunes Store, then immediately install it. What are the ftures in iMessage and how to activate it? Once users download iMessage use, you are required to activate with a few settings screen, - Select 'On' to the 'Send Rd Receipts'. which serves to activate all incoming notifiions. Enabling this fture, you can see if the message sent has been rd or not by the receiver of the message. When this fture is turned off (Off), you just send a message without notifiion. - Ftures 'Send as SMS', function when the other person's account is not turned on, so you can turn it into a regular SMS function. - Received At, is an option to configure your e-mail address as ID, or other email to receive incoming messages. - To manage your e-mail address to iMessage, you will need to enter your ID, followed by e-mail address that you want to use. Email will be verified by and will be added as iMessage. So, when the email is activated, the other party will identify you as a user iMessage email-enabled or not. - If you want to have some emails that will be designated as the recipient iMessage, add them to press the Add another Email. This function is very useful for mengkelompokkan and received email messages as you wish. Example, an email is given to families with relationship will be different, although still on a single account iMessage. - Be sure also to enable the fture 'Caller ID', to receive calls when connected with fellow users iMessage. But this fture does not apply to the iPod Touch and the iPad. Several other functions in iMessage, *) Subject Field: This option will display the subject and content such as sending email. There will be two lines for the subject and content while sending iMessage. *) Character Count: Do you rlly need it? It's just like the SMS limit of 160 characters per SMS. I prefer to turn it off unless the operator I began to fill iMessage per character. *) Show preview: you will see a preview of the content when you have new iMessage if you enable this option. *) Reprt alert: Same as SMS tones, will be repted two times by default. Configure how much repetition you want to get when a new notifiion appr iMessage.

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