Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to Take Your Blog Posts to the Next Level with SEO

If you’re like most business owners you have a website and you have a blog. A blog is one of the most affordable SEO (Srch Engine Optimization) tools you can have for your business. With a blog you can draw in rders, encourage them to click through to your site, and set yourself up as an authority in your industry. For now we’ll assume you know all of these things and post regularly. (If not, now is a grt time to start and take your blog seriously.) While you probably craft interesting posts let’s examine a few ways you can take your blog posts to the next level.For ExampleIn fiction there is a saying, “shows don’t tell”. The same holds true with blog posts. Don’t just talk about your points, show examples. By offering examples you are showing concrete evidence what you are saying is true and useful to your rders. If you sell a product give an example of how this product has benefited a customer and how it will benefit the rder.
Tell a StoryVery closely related to the first tip, storytelling is a powerful tool. By relating a personal account, whether it is your own or a customer’s, you give people a chance to relate to the story. Storytelling takes the information from being cold and sterile to personal.
Take a StandAre you afraid of voicing your opinion? Why? This is your chance to get your two cents in, after all this is your blog you’re writing. If you have an opinion on a product or service state it in clr and sily understandable language. Don’t go over the edge to offensive, but don’t be afraid to take a stand.ReferencesRelevant references add credit ability to your blogs. Of course you wouldn't link to a competitor, but government websites, authorities, and news sources make excellent links inside of your blog. They encourage your rders to dig deeper into the subject matter and can spur conversations and connections with rders.
InterviewsMany blog authors over look interviews, but they can be interesting and help build your credibility. Ask specific questions and be prepared before you start the interview. You don’t have to pick up the phone to interview someone, Skype, email, and instant messaging make interviews very sy.
Ask for CommentsYour rders may enjoy your blogs very much, but unless you ask them for comments they’ll just go about their day without connecting with you. Ask question of your rders, ask their opinions, and get a conversation going. Once you’ve asked for comments and gotten responses don’t forget to follow up. Nothing is more frustrating to a rder than to lve a comment or question for a blog owner and never get a response.
Get SocialTake it one step further and ask for comments on your blog posts on social media sites. Connect your blog to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit accounts. Post the link to your blog and ask for comments. People like to share and social media is a powerful tool.
Crte a PollPolls can be a fun tool to use on your blog. Crte a poll and reward rders for participating. A weekly poll with a drawing for a free service or percentage off a service or product with an entry erated by participating in a poll is an sy way to get people engaged with your blog.
Add Illustrations, Graphs, or ChartsMost of us are very visual and the addition of illustrations, graphs, or charts adds depth and understanding to a blog post. You can use them to illustrate a point, edue your rders, or just entertain them.
Crafting a post doesn’t have to be hard, use these tips to help you craft a well thought out and engaging blog post. If you have no time to write your own blogs, look into hiring a professional blogger. The money spent will be well worth it in terms of rder engagement and return on your investment.
Kathryn McDowell is a professional blogger and editor. She recommends using a blog for affordable SEOand rder engagement. A blog is one of the siest ways to connect with your rders and improve y our site’s traffic.

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