Thursday, May 26, 2016

How To Solve "FAKE " in IDM

Hi there..... It seems like all of you know and use IDM. In this moment I wanna share tips about How To Solve "FAKE " in IDM. IDM has been incrse their security, so the that you oftenly use hasn't work anymore.

What are we going to do?
Hey, we don't need to reinstall the program (IDM), just follow this steps and you'll remove Fake notifiion :
1st disable antivirus

1) Download this
2) Close/Quit IDM (quit from system tray also)
3) Open the , click

1. Open the C:\\System32\drivers\etc there is the hosts file. (first one)Plse right click and open with notepad. If you can not open with notepad or maybe We Are not Able to edit it.2. Right-click the hosts file than select properties and click the on security button than click on user Apprs After the new window select the "Users" again and tick the check box of "Full control".3. Click OK in the second window Once done right click the hosts file and open with notepad .4. Once open plse copy the data below, then paste the text below www.internetdownloadmanager.com5. When finished, do not forget to save, then right-click the hosts file again and select Properties, then check the sign rd only. IDM then plse open it, get through the start menu, internet download manager. 6. If "there is still a fake " content just as complete data, tp better fill the first.

To be content with the is (choose one):

EC0Q6-QN7UH-5S3JB-YZMEK (mostly)
GZLJY-X50S3-0S20D-NFRF9.7. So fake is still there will resolve itself and IDM is rdy for reuse.

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