Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to Make an Appliion Portable

Ever wanted to use your programs on the go? Not want to install your favorite programs on other computers. Try this little moderately simple trick to use your favorite programs sily from your flash drive, player, or external hard drive.


1. The first thing you are going to need to do is download two programs, Universal Extractor and WinRar. To download the Universal Extractor Goto These Links
For Winrar: Click Here To Download!!!
For Universal Extractor: Click Here To Download!!!

2. After your program is downloaded Installed Both of The Program.
After installing goto to setup file of the appliion that you want to make Portable and right-click on the setup file. If you have properly installed Universal Extractor Click On uniextract to subdir. A command prompt will open and it will automatically extract to a folder, on your desktop or wherever you want to save it.

3. Open the folder, and srch for the folder which contains the executable file that opens the appliion(you can test it to make sure it works properly). Highlight all of the files needed for the program in that folder. Right-click, and click on add to archive.

4. Change the archive name to whatever you want, such as: Audacity Portable. Click on crte SFX archive. Choose "best" under the egory "Compression Method".

5. Go to the advanced tab. Click on SFX options. When the options window comes up, type the name of the executable (Audacity.exe) in "Run After Extraction" in the SetUp Program egory. In the Modes tab, click on unpack to temporary folder and Also check on the hide all. In the Update tab, click on "Overwrite All Files".

6. Click OK to exit both . If all has gone correctly, it should crte a single executable file that you can copy to your flash drive, player, or external hard drive and use from any computer you choose.

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