Thursday, May 26, 2016

How To Install XP With USB Drive

This tutorial will explain how to install xp with usb drive.
Screenshots provided to make make bootable usb and copy xp installer.

How To Install XP With USB Drive

If you are thinking to install xp from usb boot. Then you are at right place.I’ll show step by step how to boot xp from usb. Installing xp with usb is very simple. All screenshots are given to show you how to install xp.You’ll only need XP iso aur XP .Secondly a usb drive of atlst 1 GB is required for xp on usb.
How To install XP From USB
’ll need WinToFlash tool to make bootable USB and install xp from usb.

sy Steps to Install XP With USB Drive
Open WinToFlash software this will help you to install XP.
Once the software is opened Follow below screenshot. If you have XP ISOthen mount to Virtual drive using ultraISO. If ultraiso is not installed then youcan download ultraiso from here. Otherwise if you have XP then insert intoyour rom.The WinToFlash supports both and ISO File to be rd as and copy that to drive letter. The procedure is mentioned in below screenshot.For example in my case Drive E contains XP ISO mounted. whers Fdrive is my usb. Then Click Next button and your USB pen drive will be formatted. Thistool will make usb bootable and will install XP on usb drive. Once theprocess is 100% then you can reboot computer and boot XP from USB.If you hit any errors during installation of XP via USB then plse comment here.This tool also supports installation of 8 and 7. However you can also find complete tutorial to 7 from USB.

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