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How To Get a Girl With Your Eyes

23 Ways To Get a Girl With Your Eyes
Hi S2H RdersTo all you boys and men who are looking for Girl Friend, you've come to the right page. This article will tell you how to get a girl with your eyes and even how to get a girl with yourself. Just follow these rules and you'll be holding a girls hand if you follow them.

Steps1Start off with how you would talk to your elders.
2Slowly drift into a short pause where everything is silent.3Look at her.4Make her rlize it.5Make her ask why.6Make your eyes watery so she could feel you(not touch but by mind).7Become friends.8Open up to her and slowly she will open up to you.9Ask her out.100Get involved in activities. Girls like guys who are doing things. And on the plus side, if you join a school tm, more girls will notice you so you have another way to tell her.111Be yourself. Girls like boys who are themselves. And make sure you know the girl! While girls appreciate an honest boy, if who "you" are is not what the girl is into, you're not going to get very far.1212Dig up any information you can find out about her. Srch for her hobbies, interests, music she listens to, friends she likes, etc. Just understand her eral style and adapt to it. The first thing a girl looks at is a guy's style.1313Talk to her about stuff she is interested in - such as music she likes. Most importantly, try to get her to talk about herself, then build on that. People are naturally more comfortable talking about themselves anyway. Think of it as an opportunity to find out more about this girl so you can determine if you want to pursue her further. Also, if you are stuck on some conversation starters, remember the two starters that always seems to work: food and wther. Be funny and a joke every now and then or tell a girl an embarrassing story, but don't gossip! Most girls hate guys who gossip, but love guys who are funny.1414Ask her to hang out. If you get to know ch other better you may end up going out or you may end up rlizing she wasn't the girl for you anyway.1515Be a tleman. Open the door for her, pull out her chair before she sits down, don't interrupt, etc. Those things show a poised, graceful man, and girls like that. You can't act like you do around your male friends. Also, be polite.1616Compliment her. Just make sure that you are sincere, don't just make something up- if you look for something that rlly makes you like her, she'll know that you're interested in getting to know her better. Also, know the right ways to compliment. Some girls like it if you say "I like your hair/clothes." To be safe, be nice, cute, and above all, not creepy. Leering is a definite turn-off.1717When you talk to her, don't go on about your vaion in Hawaii. Ask questions and show her you are listening, girls like to talk out stories and such.1818Don't swr in front of her. Girls don't want to hr you swr every ten words. But if they swr around you, it might be okay.1919Be sure to try to talk to her as much as possible, and if you like her, just go for it!200Make sure you remember her birthday and special dates like your anniversaries if you start dating, because otherwise you may get in trouble if she or you bring the subject up. If you have a terrible memory, don't bring special dates up, and pray that she doesn't either.2121Also when you have free time hang out with her, instd of your guy friends, but not all the time, or your guy friends may get ticked off.2222If you have known the girl for a long time, you may want to ask her out.233Do all of this and you will be fine.

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