Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to Disable Task Manager

How to Disable Task Manager, Task manager is a tool that has the default so many functions, one of which is shut down the software or program that is running or shut down the software that freezes (hangs), task manager is sebenarny so many functions, but for a cafe like this should be the task manager is off course why?
Lots of users are lit because of his lice could the internet cafe by turning off some software such as billing software that causes chaotic timer and fees charged to customers, are still much more to be done with this task manager which can be detrimental to the cafe, therefore should be function of task manager is disabled only, steps to disable the task manager is as follows:
Plse open the registry editor by clicking Run> regedit, then plse find the following registry : H_CURRENT_USER Software CurrentVersion Policies.
After that crte a again by clicking the right and Policies, and then name the to the System. Well, would we now exist in the directory H_CURRENT_USER Software CurrentVersion Policies System.

after that, crte a DWORD Value, type a name DisableTaskMgr, then double click the Value and enter the s with the s 1

Restart your PC or logout and press ctrl + alt + del, then it will come out a message that the admin banned the use of Task Manager.

So sy is not it good luck and hopefully useful

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