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How to Be a Successful Teenager

Are You Thinking To Become A Successfull Teenager!
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Save Money. If you haven't alrdy beensaving money(and even if your parents have something set up for you) save every penny you rn. You should also get a job if you spend a lot of money. It is beyond important that you have your own stash of money for when things go horribly wrong. You never know what is going to happen and so you need to have your own personal safety net! This is the best things you can do for yourself! You need at lst to save $1000 dollars before you can begin to feel safe. Once you rch that much you should still keep going.

Lrn to Drive. Even if you think you don't need to know how to driveyou do. And even if you don't plan on needing a car for a while you absolutely need to be able to take yourself places. Just having a is the second best thing you can do to make yourself more self sufficient and independent from your parents. Not so you can run away and stl the car when your parents tick you off, it's so you won't be 20 yrs old without aand begging for rides to work and to your college classes because you don't know how to drive and you don't have money for a car. That's just another example of why you need to save as much money as possible.

Get a Job. Having your own job builds positive character and canhelp you maturt a more rapid rate. This may be harder to obtain in slow economic times, but the experience of looking for a job will grow you up as well. It gives you a grt sense of pride to work a shift and pick up your paycheck. It also helps to tch you valuable ldership skills, professionalism, and the value of a dollar. For instance, if you make $8 an hour and want to buy a game that costs $60 you would have to work at lst 7.5 hours. And that's not even counting the tax that comes out (taxes are on the rise and that may influence your views on politics) of your paycheck so you would probably have to work 8 hours. And the average 16 yr old only works 15 hours out of an entire week.This Is My Previous Post 10 ways college students can make huge Money

Understand Credit. And lrn how to build credit. Credit cards are not the only way to get credit. You can build credit by making car payments, by getting a loan from a credit union and making good payments on that, you can also get credit by making payments on a cell phone contract but all these things must be in your name. Your credit score is the msurement of how trustworthy you are to acies that loan you things like apartments, money, and cars. The report represents your track record of if and how you repay lenders. And determines whether or not someone will loan you anything, allow you to live in their apartment complex, or how high an interest rate will be.

Continue Your Eduion. These days, you're not valuable to anybody unless you get a degree. And there are ENDLESS ways to pay for school! (Another rson you need to do 1. You should also consider going away to school at lst for your freshmen yr because it will help you lrn some of the things detailed in 3 (but not all). People respect you more when you do your worst to better yourself and your eduion. They also cut you more slack in life if you're trying to go to school.

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