Thursday, May 26, 2016


* Crtive Suite 4 & *

Ok, here is an fix for ... It should be used after first installing any CS4 products as that
is when it will try to activate. Basically this adds a list of known servers to the 'HOSTS' file
stopping from taking place and a .dll that stops licence expirery...
Installation Instructions
1) Disconnect from the internet

2) Install your CS4 suite or software using the trial option.

3) Finish installing and DO NOT register.

4) Run the ' Blocker.bat' file (run as administrator in Vista).

5) Copy the file 'amtlib.dll' into the install directory overwriting the exsisting file...
(You will have to do this multiple times for ch installed program in a suite)

6) Run an program and enter a using the .

7) Done :)

NOTE - This will not rctivate a product if it has alrdy been shown as 'Licence expired'. To solve that set
the date back then dctivate your product (check the box to remove the also). Then put the date
forward and enter a new :)

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