Thursday, May 26, 2016


FIXING CS3 LICENSING FOR THIS PRODUCT HAS EXPIREDHaving gone through a tiresome process when installing Illustrator on my netbook , the saga continued with the error message:“Licensing for this product has expired”otherwise know as“Full Version has expired”.
Once again the first point of contact was ’s fine Customer Support only to be told that I have to uninstall all CS3 products on my machine. The procedure (even though it has nothing to do with CS3 but is for CS4 and CS5) can be found here: procedure took almost a whole day to complete as I have also use of without success. They were then kind enough to provide me with this solution: to say this didn’t work either and whatever tried or did, the product s wereunsuccessful and I kept getting the same error message over and over again when opening any Illustrator or .Enough was enough – I wasforced to seek help again. This is what I received in response:1. Open Explorer, find and delete ‘C:\Program Files (86)\Common Files\\ P\cache\cache.db‘
2. Open any CS3 program and enter your for that product (Illustrator in your case).DO NOTselect ‘Accept/Next’ yet.3. Now open Explorerand go to ‘C:\Program Files (86)\Common Files\\ P\cache‘ again. You will notice a new ‘cache.db‘ file there.4. Right click on the file, selectPropertiesand tick the “Rd Only” box at the bottom.5. Go back to the window of Illustrator where you entered your and select ‘Accept/Next’.6. When the ‘Register Software‘ screen pops up, select”Register Later“.7. Now the program will load. But thisIS NOTthe end of the story yet so don’t get excited. When the program loads, another ‘Register Software‘ screen pops up.8. Go back to Explorer and ‘C:\Program Files (86)\Common Files\\ P\cache‘. Right-click on the file ‘cache.db‘and select ‘Properties‘ but this time unselect/untick the “Rd Only” box at the bottom.9. Now go back to the ‘Register Software‘ screen of Illustrator CS3 and select the “Do Not Register/Never Register” option.10. Now go back to Explorer and ‘C:\Program Files (86)\Common Files\\ P\cache‘ again. Right-click on the file ‘cache.db‘and select ‘Properties‘. Select/tick the “Rd Only” box at the bottom and lve it that wayPERMANENTLY!11. This final step is very important: lve the computer and go to the kitchen. Put the kettle on and make t/coffee. Return to PC and enjoy.Good luck with this and once again, you are using the info at your own risk.

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