Thursday, May 26, 2016

Google Aorithm Update (Panda 4.0)

If you don’t know, Google has rolled out an update to its aorithm that populates the order of links and websites that appr during a certain query. This particular update was implemented around the end of May, 2014 and it was deemed “Panda 4.0”. Panda was originally designed to prevent poor sites with low-quality content to excel in rankings. Matt Cutts (hd of Google srch spam) announced that this update was going to be a “delie” update compared to previous yrs but that about 7.5% of English srch queries would be effected.Should You Be Scared? If you are one of our clients, then you don’t have any rson to be scared of this update. In fact, if anything you should be thrilled that Google is making progress and attempting to take more and more of your competitors that practice black hat tactics out. However, if you have been with a company that previously implemented black hat tactics you might want to watch your analytics closely.When we say black hat tactics we mn buying links for the sole purpose of crting a stronger domain, using rich anchor text throughout your website, word stuffing, and spinning content. If any of this sounds familiar, we recommend you contact your webmaster and change these things as soon as you can.Did You Make The Cut? By now it should be clr whether or not your website has been affected by Panda 4.0. The best ways to check and see if your website was affected is to look at your analytics and see if there was a gradual dip in traffic, or to open a private browsing window and type in a query that your website ranks well for. If you notice that your website has moved down in rankings or that your traffic has dropped, it is likely that you have been hit with this update in some way, shape, or form.Don’t Panic
If your website was hit, don’t panic! It isn’t the end of the world. Marketing Giant is more than able to assist you inrebuilding your SEOand fixing any penalties or errors that may be appring on your website. In fact, we have many clients that come to us with the goal of restarting their entire online marketing campaign from scratch. We are very proud to be able to provide this service to the grter Sttle ar at an affordable cost.

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