Thursday, May 26, 2016

From After Effects to Flash (Poetry in Motion Graphics) Free Download

From After Effects to Flash (Poetry in Motion Graphics)
Size: 9.47 MBPages: 504Chapters: 12Format: PDF

As a Flash 8 designer, you have discovered the power of the tools in the appliion. The new filters and effects and Action Script classes allow you to crte a variety of stunning visual effects in Flash. What you probably haven't discovered is how sy it is empower your hundreds of times more by combining the many effects and tools in After Effects 7 Professional with Flash!

This book, the first to explore the potential power and crtivity boost that can be unlshed when After Effects and Flash are used together, is designed to get you up to speed with working in these two appliions while hitting you with some crtive innovation. You will discover how effectively you can use After Effects to crte and animation effects that were either extremely difficult or impossible to achieve in Flash.

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