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Free Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 Highly Compressed

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 (officially abbreviated as PES 2010 and known as World Soccer: Winning Eleven 2010 in Japan and South Kor) is the ninth football game in the Pro Evolution Soccer series. The game was developed and published by Konami for relse on 's PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Portable; 's Xbox 360 and ; Nintendo's Wii; and mobile .

PES 2010 was announced on 8 April 2009 and the playable demo for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 versions was relsed on 17 September 2009.The game itself was relsed on 23 October 2009 in Europe.
Lionel Messi is a endorsement player for PES 2010, having ftured extensively throughout the promotion and development of the game. He ftures on the cover alongside Fernando Torres, another endorsement player.

The game was relsed on the iPhone OS in June 2010.

PES 2010 has the following ftures.

PES 2010 contains improved visuals, animations and moves, including live player expressions and movements that will change according to conditions on the field. Animations of dribbling and shots on goal, as well as individual skills, have all been reworked.
Gameplay has been made more rlistic. This includes more versatile goalkeepers and grter control over penalties in terms of placing and accuracy.
There will be an enhanced online experience: a new development tm is solely dedied to improving online play and other aspects, such as downloadable content and more updates.
The A.I. has been improved thanks to Tmvision 2.0. Referees have been reworked to make more balanced calls during matches.
PES 2010 introduces grter strategy control: various strategic elements, such as pass frequency and width of play, can be altered.
The match-day atmosphere gives a better taste of home and away crowds, which will rct spontaneously to all the action on the pitch.
Master Lgue has been enhanced. It has improved managerial aspects, resulting in an incrsed managerial career lifespan.
360-degree control is introduced, available on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 versions of the game via the analog sticks on the respective controllers. PS3 owners will also benefit from this when using the DualShock’s D-Pad, but the Wii D-Pad is limited to eight-directional control and the Xbox 360 D-Pad to sixteen-directional control due to their hard.

With an exclusive dl with UEFA, both the UEFA Champions Lgue and (for the first time) the UEFA Europa Lgue are fully d. The tournaments are integrated into the Master Lgue mode; however, the Europa Lgue is only available on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.

Double Fusion signed an agreement with Konami for advertising their clients products in the game.
In total, the game includes 258 squads, with 139 of them being officially d. Including the empty ue, the game has a total of 55 tms that can be changed completely by user editing.
Like previous versions, there is also a separate ue with 18 empty tms (Tm A, Tm B, etc.), ch of which can be edited fully. This was initially introduced when Konami failed to get the rights to the German Bundesliga. Since its introduction, it has become very popular amongst the PES community, and as a result, they are usually made into the Bundesliga or another ue of one's preference by makers. Popular made ues are the Liga Sagres, Championship, Liga I, Artine Primera División or Primera División de México and Greek Superue.


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