Thursday, May 26, 2016

Free Download Hotspot Shield 2.90

Hotspot Shield – the program provides data confidentiality and security of your computer when you connect to Wi-Fi access points, including the automatic encryption of all incoming and outgoing traffic. Software provides a virtual private network (VPN) between your laptop and a wireless access point. This impenetrable tunnel protects your e-mail messages and all data sent over the network, from access to spies and s. As a result, you will remain anonymous and protect your privacy.

Service is free and is open to people from any country, run on your computer, the client software. In this connection is one of the plurality of servers stered around the world, which assign a user to a temporary IP-address so you can use Hotspot Shield as a full mns to ensure anonymity of the Internet and to overcome Internet censorship. In particular, it is used to bypass the Grt Chinese firewall and gain access to sites that are only available from certain countries.
The program has received high marks from The Wall Street Journal, CNN and PC Magazine.

Install Hotspot Shield is simple, however, when installed, it prompts you to install third-party software – the panel for the Web browser. It is also recommended to rd the agreement, stating that the program is provided in exchange for the opportunity provided by the user outside the introduction of advertising on the open web page, thus altering their content. Plus Hotspot Shield can be considered low demands on system resources of the computer, the utility loads the computer, it can be safely run even on older machines.

For a long time, Hotspot Shield worked without a graphical user interface (GUI), which was very inconvenient for the user. Now use GUI enables users to quickly connect and disconnect the protection of all the settings that allow you to set the level of network security – the user can set the alarm, warning about connecting to the network, the unknown network.

Powerful encryption aorithm Hotspot Shield protects against surveillance, enabling secure Web connections at the highest level.

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