Thursday, May 26, 2016

Free Download Angry Birds Star Wars For PC & Android

The game combines elements of both Angry Birds and Angry Birds Space, fturing levels that take place on both standard terrain and in outer space. The game begins on Tatooine, Luke Skywalker's home planet, moves to the Dth Star, travels to Hoth, and with an in-app purchase (or rning 3-stars on Tatooine/Dth Star) goes to Dagobah, and ends up in Cloud City. With the exclusion of Blue Bird, all the Birds are given new powers not yet seen before in a canon Angry Birds title, some of these that are upgraded as the game progresses further. You can play previously completed levels with the upgraded abilities.

Differences from other games is that Birds may still perform their chosen abilities moments after colliding with an object. The Millennium Falcon is used instd of the "Mighty/Space gle" found in previous games. When a certain of stars are rned, the player gets a reward. It can be either 5 Millennium Falcons (a consumable item that may be used during normal levels at the cost of one bird ch) or access to a Golden Droid level. There are multiple Golden Droid levels that are unlocked as you collect more stars and additional bonus levels if you manage to hit certain droids hidden in selected levels. On June 13, 2013 power-ups were added.

Angry Birds Star Wars currently has 7 worlds on most platforms. They are Tatooine, the Dth Star, Hoth, Cloud City, Boba Fett Missions, Path of the Jedi, and the Golden Droid bonus levels. To unlock Path of the Jedi, the player must get 3 stars on all the Tatooine and Dth Star levels or purchase access. To unlock Boba Fett Missions, the player must collect all 5 jetpacks stered throughout the game or purchase access.

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