Thursday, May 26, 2016

Flipkart Mi 3 Sale day Drama

Dr Rders, as we all know that (A well-known mobile manufacturer of china and also known as of China/Chinese ) has recently launched it's one of the finest flagship device Mi 3 in India through reputed online Mega Mart) at just Rs. 13,999/-. As far as I’m concerned or dlt with it, Flipkart has always been known for providing quality service and excellent customer support in case of Replacements and Returns for items sold through WS Retail. .

Quick Specs. Of Mi 3: Mi 3 packs Snapdragon 800 SoC with 2.3 Ghz Quad-Core Krait 400 CPU, Adreno 330 GPU, 2GB DDR3 RAM, 5" Full HD 1080p IPS display with 441ppi, 16 GB Non-Expandable Storage, 3040 mAh Li-Ion Non-Removable Battery, Dual Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth, 13.0 MP Camera with Dual LED Flash, Front 2.9 MP Camera etc..
Explanation of Flipkart’s Sale Day Drama: Mi 3 was first launched in India on July, 22nd, 2014@ and reports says that Flipkart made sales on sale day as under:1. Many reports on Internet states that the Initial (First) sale went for less than 30 minutes.2. The Second sale was reported to ended within a couple of minutes.3. The Third sale was reported to be ended within a fragment of few seconds.4. The Fourth sale was reported to be ended again within a few minutes.5. Lastly but not finally, the Fifth saleis reported to be ended in less than 2.4 seconds. . .
Q: So, how could anyone be able to make purchase, if the device (20,000 pieces) is getting sold out under 2.4 seconds. . The main rson and truth behind this sale day drama is Flipkart's newly launched service Flipkart First . .
What is Flipkart First ?Flipkart First service is a per yr subscription provided to customers by as the cost of Rs. 500/- for providing facilities like Reduced Faster Delivery Charges (Same day delivery), No minimum charges for free delivery, in-a-day guarantee, rly Access and Exclusive offers. . Exclusive offers and rly Access is what that tricked every other customer out there. . This facility allows Flipkart’s subscribed users or paid users I would prefer to call, to try or complete their purchase before the actual launch time/sale day. . This is why sale ends in less than 3 seconds because most of their stock has alrdy been sold out to Flipkart's Subscribed customers. I wonder if even a single piece of stock is still left behind for the actual sale after this drama...
Conclusion:Flipkart is making a wrong use of their Flipkart First service, because of extremely low stock, people who are rlly looking to purchase their Mi 3 at any cost prefer to take Flipkart First service by spending Rs. 500/- and they get chance to purchase their Mi 3 or any other Exclusive launch offer on a day before actual launch date . .
Black Market of Mi 3: As is producing extremely low stock of their flagship device Mi 3, people who have alrdy bought their Mi 3 are re-selling their Mi 3@ cost higher than it's initial/MRP cost of Rs. 13,999/-. . I have even looked out for people selling their used devices and peoples that have just added their Mi 3 to their Flipkart Cart to make money out of it... This is because of the Demand and Supply rule of Economics that has forgotten to abide, as a result of it, the buyers are becoming re-sellers and gaining profits by selling at Rs. 16,000/- or more.. Because of the relaxation provided by Flipkart to add the smartphone to customer's cart and allowing a period of approx. 1+1/2 working days, many people have commented on many websites/blogs that they require a specific amount of money to be transferred to their account and they'll provide flipkart the address of the person who pays the reseller the specific amount he demanded at COD (Cash on Delivery). . A lot of people are spking off providing other buyers the technique that’ll allow them to buy this Mi 3 again at the cost of extra money. So, a lot of Black Market alrdy going out there.. This post is specially for Flipkart to let them know about what their Flipkart First Service is delivering on their reputation and market . .

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