Thursday, May 26, 2016

Flash Player 11.7.700.191 Beta Full Version Free Download

Flash Player 11.7.700.191 Beta | 16.8 MB & 16.2 MB
Flash Player – a free, widely used media player to view the file format Flash (files SWF).Flash has for a long enough period of time is an indispensable tool for crting presentations, games, websites, animations, and other add-ons that require rich multimedia content.

Typically browsers are automatically set the Flash player, but it is recommended to regularly update the program, because is constantly improving its development. After installing the plug-in add-on you will be able to view flash animation using the browser.

Flash Player 11 Ftures:

* Full screen board input – This fture enables support for all board available to an embedded SWF running inside of a page without full screen mode (except for ‘Esc’). It allows developers to determine if the app is in full screen, whether full board input is allowed, and whether the app is able to request full screen (determined by the embed tag parameter).
* Low latency audio support for strming audio through NetStrm – This fture aims to reduce latency for high quality strming audio playback. It addresses a very special use case of cloud gaming, where the game is rendered at a server and audio and are strmed to the client.
* Protected Mode for Firefox – Flash Player Protected Mode is a new security enhancement designed to limit the impact of attacks launched from malicious SWF files against Flash Player when running in Firefox 4.0 + on Vista and higher. This fture is comparable to the Flash Player Protected Mode in Google Chrome browser, Protected Mode in Rder, and 2010 Protected View.
* Flash Player background updates (Mac) – New versions of the runtimes can now be delivered more effectively to the end user with this enhanced updating mechanism (Background update is only available in the relse versions of Flash Player).
* Low latency audio support (Sound API) – This enhancement reduces the latency for method and changes to volume and pan on SoundTransform. The latency of SAMPLE_DATA event should also be reduced considerably.
* Texture Strming for Stage3D – Provides an ability to upload coarser, lower quality textures on the GPU first and then progressively improve them as more data becomes available.

Changes in Flash Player 11.7:
Known Issues
* Some strms with Flash Access may fail to play
* There is a minor, eralized risk that new security enhancements targeted to Firefox on may cause compatibility issues with existing content. We’d encourage Flash developers using the beta to review existing content for new issues.
Notable Fixes and Enhancements
* 3498546 – Chrome PPAPI on Mac: Connect Add-In Does Not Launch after Installation
* 3499731 – Chrome PPAPI on Mac: FormsCentral has an unacceptable delay while resizing an information box on a template
* 3494618 – Safari on Mac: Specific SWFs are scaled on Mac with Retina Display
* 3501218 – WinXP – Microphone audio is distorted
* 3492841 – Chrome PPAPI: Corrects an issue where copy and paste was not working in the textfields of some Flex-based SWFs
* 3487449 – Flash Player will now correctly clip a SWF rendering with Stage3D where the SWF is larger than the HTML container and is using constrained mode.
* 3499702 – Microphone stops dising SampleDataEvents after repted use

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Flash Player 11.7.700.191 Beta for Firefox, Opera, Safari

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Flash Player 11.7.700.191 Beta for Internet Explorer

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