Thursday, May 26, 2016

Download Free Software Copy Manager

Download Free Software Copy Manager, Have you ever experienced difficulty in copying many files, tens or even hundreds of files on removable media problems (crashes) in which some of the file is corrupted or an error so that the copying process stops and have to start over from scratch again copying process by eliminating or exclude files the corrupted rlier. What if the file corrupnya much? remedy is also difficult to find and sort them one by one manually. Tired ahhhh ahhhh ....
If the Download manager software that can serve as strmline the download process, can pause and resume, software that is similar to the work of the Software download manager is the difference if the download manager to download files on the internet, while the software is functioning copy the contents of the removable problems (hard or flash) this software is called TeraCopy. This software can copy the quickly, can be paused and diresume, if there is an error file and can not be copied then this software will try it again, but if the file is benar2 can no longer be copied so the copy process but will not stop or skip menskip file. So no need to rept the process pengcopian.Untuk supported operating system is XP and Vista OS
Hmmm cool it (hehehe) how do you think .. glad if colues are willing to share knowledge or simply provide feedback or criticism via comments below thank you
want to try? Plse download HERE

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