Thursday, May 26, 2016

Dany USB Device U-1000, U-1050, U-2000 Free Download

Dany USB Device U-1000, U-1050, U-2000

DANY U-1050 is a USB Device. Now you can watch on either Laptop or Desktop PC.

Enjoy on PC
Connecting Device U-1050 with Laptop or Desktop PC to USB port enables
you to get more fun while working.

Scheduled Recording
Timely scheduled recording (when keep PC on) helps you record wonderful
programs when busy for work or outdoors.

Indivudual AV studio
Edit //V/DV/PS2 program in your style.

Full Ftured Remote Control
This Device have full ftured remote control with it. So you can take full
control of your device with comfort.

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