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Counter Strike 1.6 Free Download PC Game

Counter Strike 1.6
Counter-Strike is a tactical first-person shooter game developed by Valve Corporation which originated from a Half-Life modifiion by Minh "Gooseman" Le and Jess "Cliffe" Cliffe. By the fourth beta version, Valve Software, the developer who crted Half-Life, began assisting in the development of Counter-Strike. In 2000, Valve bought the rights to Counter-Strike, and would publish the title for that yr, and later in 2003 for the Xbox. Mac OS X and Linux ports were available in January 2013.
The game has been expanded into a series since its original relse, which currently includes Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, Counter-Strike: Source, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Counter-Strike pits a tm of terrorists against a tm of counter-terrorists in a series of rounds. ch round is won by either completing the mission objective or eliminating the opposing force.
The game was the most played Half-Life modifiion in terms of players, according to GameSpy in 2008.
Counter-Strike is a first-person shooter in which players join either the terrorist tm, the counter-terrorist tm, or become spectators. ch tm attempts to complete their mission objective and/or eliminate the opposing tm. ch round starts with the two tms spawning simultaneously.
A player can choose to play as one of eight different default character models (four for ch side, although Counter-Strike: Condition Zero added two extra models, bringing the total to ten). Players are erally given a few seconds before the round begins (known as "freeze time") to prepare and buy equipment, during which they cannot attack or move (one notable exception is that a player may receive damage during freeze time. This happens when a map is changed to spawn players at a certain height above the ground, thus causing fall damage to the player. This is a method map designers use to alter the starting "" of players on a map). They can return to the buy ar within a set amount of time to buy more equipment (some custom maps included neutral "buy zones" that could be used by both tms). Once the round has ended, surviving players retain their equipment for use in the next round; players who were killed begin the next round with the basic default starting equipment.

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