Thursday, May 26, 2016

COMANCHE 4 GAME Free Download


COMANCHE 4 The first two games in NovaLogic’s Comanche series were flight simulations in the loosest sense of the word. However, Comanche 3 tried to plse the hard-core crowd as well. In the series’ fourth installment, NovaLogic has gone back to what it does best–making flight sims with as much bang-per-flight-minute as possible.

Although it can be classified as a flight simulation, Comanche 4 rlly isn’t a simulation of anything, except perhaps what it would be like if aliens were to land in your front yard in craft shaped like an advanced US Army helicopter and if the US Army were to let you fly this craft on many adventures. Departing controlled flight in Comanche 4 is nrly impossible unless you actually crash into something.
The flight model is billed as being “scalable,” but this rlly only mns that you can toggle two advanced options: slip control and limited cyclic range. (The manual refers to pilot-induced oscillations, but this does not appr in the game.) Neither one of these affects the flight model very much.
The avionics are similarly sparse, and in lieu of different wpons modes, you simply select your wpons via the board, let the computer target the thrts for you, and fire away. The game seems to be designed for play in first- or third-person mode, since the cockpit view is extremely restricted, sparse, and serves no rl purpose, especially when suspension of disbelief isn’t possible.
OS: xp,vista / 7Processor:800 Megahertz GhzMemory:256 megabytes(MB)Hard :500 mehabytes

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