Thursday, May 26, 2016

Change 7 System Properties Logo

Ever wanted to change the default logo in 7 system properties with your own custom one or with ’s logo. Its human nature that with time he tends to get bore with old things and same is happen with users. Every day you see same interface with same folder icons, themes, Wallpapers and default icons. But not many people think like that.

They produce small utilizes for us so that we can customize the with time to time. This will surely produce interest in and hence you can enjoy our work.

When you press logo + pause/brk button, you will see system properties box with all the information and default orb style logo. The way we are going to change the default orb style logo with our custom one is by using a small utility named as 7 System Properties Logo Changer. This is a free utility and it changes the 7 properties logo with the help of some registry twk. This software is fully test and used by us so don’t worry if you have any concerns.

How to Change 7 System Properties Logo:
1. All you have to do is to download 7 System Properties Logo Changer from the link given at the end of this post.
2. The file is in Zip format so you need Winzip in order to extract it.
3. After unzipping Right click on the Execute-able file and select “Run as Administrator” from the menu.
4. Now crte your own logo or choose from a pre-build logos and click Apply button.
5. After that click the Check button or press logo + pause/brk button to see the effect.
6. Don’t worry if you dont like the new logo you can always go back to the original log by pressing the Restore button.

Download: 7 System Properties Logo Changer

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