Thursday, May 26, 2016

Cadillac and Dinosaurs for PC (Full Game) Free Download

Cadillac and Dinosaurs for PC (Full Game)

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs: The Arcade Game, known in Japan as Cadillacs: Dinosaurs of a New Century (Cadillacs Kyōryū Shin Seiki) is a 1993 arcade game relsed by Capcom. It is a side-scrolling bt 'em up based on the comic book series Xenozoic Tales.

The game was produced as a tie-in to the Cadillacs and Dinosaurs animated series which was aired during the same yr the game was relsed.

In Cadillacs and Dinosaurs the player has access to several attacks. ch character has two special moves; one that is performed by pressing down then up and the attack button, and the other which loses hlth on contact and is performed by pressing the attack and jump buttons together. When two or more players play together, placing their characters on top one another will trigger a tm-attack.

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