Thursday, May 26, 2016


The only backup software of Google Chrome, Chromium, Opera and Firefox that rlly works!BrowserBackup makes it sy to backup your browser bookmarks, mail, contacts, speed-dial, notes, s, skins, sessions, toolbar’s, plugin’s, preferences and much more to a local drive, network folder, / and even to a remote FTP server! he appliion crtes a unique file backup archive which includes all backup data.
Why choose BrowserBackup?
Wizard Interface – The BrowserBackup interface is designed so that the program can be used effectively by a novice as well as a ssoned expert.Reliability – Not all backup programs are crted equal. BrowserBackup automatically does a full verifiion of the backup file to ensure that the backup is valid.Security – With BrowserBackup, you can protect your backups with industry standard 256bit AES Encryption to prevent unauthorized access to your personal or corporate data.Flexibility – BrowserBackup provides an lit backup of data for four most popular web browsers (Opera, Chrome, Chromium, Firefox).Support – Software, especially software designed to protect your data, is of marginal use without support. stands behind the program and provides full support to all BrowserBackup users.Flexible backup – Save the backup to any removable drives and networked drives, besides being able to select which items you want to backup very sy.

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