Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bit 7.7.2 Free Download

Bit 7.7.2
µ– Tiny Footprint, Massive Powerµ is the world's most popularBitclient. Check out the ftures that have made it ledary.Tiny
µ is less than 400 KB (smaller than your Facebook pic!). It installs ultra-fast with a light footprint on your computer, and runs super-efficiently.

Expertly designed for fast downloads. Avoids hogging valuable system resources, runs quietly in the background, and doesn't interfere with your work, play etc.

Simple and straightforward – that's µ. With its purpose-built interface, downloading is a snap. Plus, discover new content from the App Studio.

Our brand-new App Studio is our answer to the scourge of bloatware. Rather than stuffing your tiny client, find the ftures and content YOU want, on demand, and always optional.

Access µ from anywhere with µ Remote. sily access your home clients privately and securely (using novel authentiion and -exchange).

Cutting Edge
Based upon the groundbrkingBitprotocol µTP, µ maximizes bandwidth and reduces congestion - so you have the smoothest, quickest downloads possible.

Since µ is offered by the tm who invented theBitopen source protocol, you know you will always have access to the latest and grtest technologies.

µ is instinctively smart. It auto-adjusts bandwidth usage based upon your network and the Internet. Use Skype, play games, strm etc., all without interference.

It is super-sy to make µ all about you. Add new ftures through the App Studio, skin your client and more.

µ is a snap to install on your home network. In most cases, it's plug-n-play. We also use UPnP and NAT-PMP technologies to prepare your router for access.

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