Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ashampoo Photo Converter Free

When it comes to photo editing, photos size adjustment and photos water marking Ashampoo Photo Converter is the best online tool available on internet. The best thing i like about Ashampoo Photo Converter is that if you have hundreds of different size photos and quickly want to re-size them at same size than Ashampoo Photo Converter will do this in just 10 seconds. This is very useful tool for bloggers and webmaster specially for photo bloggers who have to upload many photos daily but with specific size due to template restrictions.

Ashampoo Photo Converter not only re-size hundreds of photos in just one click but it can also rotate photos, correct photos with auto color, save them in many formats and protect your copy right photos with water-mark logo. You don’t have to load photos into the Ashampoo Photo Converter, just select the folder and Ashampoo Photo Converter with do the rest for you. Other options include change of color depth, automatic gamma correction, appliion of effects (drop shadow, blur, sharpen, border) and may more.

How to get Ashampoo Photo Converter Free :

1. Ashampoo Photo Converter normally costs 15 dollars for 1 yr but you can get it absolutely free of cost.
2. Visit Ashampoo Photo Converter Promotional Page and enter you email address to receive free .
3. Download Ashampoo Photo Converter from the link given below and enter you have received in your e-mail inbox.

Download: Ashampoo Photo Converter.

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