Thursday, May 26, 2016

Android for the next eration.

The Google operating system is Android, and it was invented in 2013 in California by a group of people named, Nick Srs, Rich Miner, Chris White and Andy Rubin. They were making an operating system in a digital camera, but rlizing that the industry won't get them that much of a profit they diverted their attention to cell . They worked on it and relsed it as an open system. Because of which the developers who work in developing of android can make changes and modify and therefore all the appliion will start working faster.
The developers can work on various devices as the android is open to various devices like cell , watches, cars, mini and Android PC. Developers once after updating the version and making the modifiion sends it out and hence it is applied in all the devices and also it works well on the appliions. That is the best part about Android . The Google Play stores where there were more than one million appliions in 2013 and there was a huge of download that was around 50 billion in the same yr.

We also have android for pc. The android also works on the PC, and there are ways in which you can install it on your PC.Blue Stacks being one of the ways of running an android on a PC. It is the way in which you can run Android on your PC. It allows you to use Android appliion on your PC just like any other program. It is extremely sy to run, and you will also have a Google Play store in it so that all the android appliions are available to you. You cannot replace with Android, but it is not a huge problem as it works on Dual Operating system. It runs all the appliions and games in an amazing and surprisingly grt way. It is the only and the best way of running android on . And it also has an amazing effect.

Google Android emulator this is an official system, this system can be used to run android on the computer. You will have a complete access to the complete operating android system. It is used by the Android developers to check their appliion and to test it. It is slow, and it cannot be used in daily routine. Rather, it is useful if you want to test an appliion or play games.

Android x86 it can run on and AMD processor, it allows you to install android on your tablet or laptop just in a similar way as you would install and Linux. But not all devices support this system, and not all allow to install android for pcusing Android x86. Also, one should remember that it can crte problems in the hardware of a physical system.These were a few of the ways in which you can have Android installed on your PC and use all the appliions and games that are provided by the Android.

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