Thursday, May 26, 2016

Alternate Logon to XP without

Logon to XP with Secondary Logon without the need to enter a Dr Rders, if you ever tried to enter a XP system usually found on Schools, Cafe, s, Work Place etc. and were unable to logon because you didn't know the for a specific account available in that system, then this trick may solve your problem...All you need to do is follow these instructions:

Press " ALT+ CTRL+ DEL " (Without Quotes) twice at the logon screen. (Make sure there is no account with name Administrator)A Secondary Logon will popup.In the User field, enter " Administrator " (Without Quotes) and Lve the field blank/empty.Press Enter. It should let you in. ( If not, there is possibility that the User had set an administrative during XP Installation).Q: Want to know why & how this trick works ??A: The simple answer to this question is that during an unattended XP Installation or Installing XP from MiniXP or Certain Modded XP ISO * files, the Installation process skips the User Account Setup and directly asks the user to Crte user account with up to 5 accounts options as you may have alrdy noticed. This setups the secondary User Account with AdministrativePrivileges, while the Primary Administrator is set without or a blank which when used with this trick, doesn't require you to enter any ...*Modded ISO s are modified form of an Original ISO file, in such a manner to allow customization of Core OS that may or may not include ftures, programs, customization, personalization, extra drivers, apps, themes, registry , explorer etc etc.

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