Thursday, May 26, 2016


AppAdmiM There are many ways to block programs from being run on a -based computer. We can use Registry to block execution of any particular program or we can find several appliions
with this purpose. However, using Registry is complied and most of the appliions are not free. A solution that I've found lately is via a lightweight free appliion called AppAdmin.
The benefit using AppAdmin is evident. First of all, it's very sy to use, does not require installation (so you can run it directly from your USB flash drive) and the app uses hash method to block a program so it's useless to change the banned appliion executable name - it will be still blocked.
As tested, works fine in 7 and XP SP3 but it should work as well in Vista and 64-bit OS.
To use AppAdmin, you'll just have to drag an drop an appliion (which you want to block) into AppAdmin or select it with the 'Block' button (+Block) and you're done. If you check the appliion that should be blocked and still works (which didn't happen to me), you should press the 'Restart Explorer' button and then everything will be OK - as described by the producer. The id of restarting Explorer is to avoid a PC restart, trick which seems to work. Removing the ban is just as simple, you'll just have to select the program that you want to un-ban and delete it from the list (right click on the program in the list) and then press 'Restart Explorer'.
In case you want to run an appliion that is currently blocked without having to unblock it (delete it from the list), just double-click on the program in the list and it will be launched.
If you have forgotten your , you'll have to download a tiny program which erates a and then send that to the producers email and they will send you the forgotten - as described by the producers.
Pluses: Does not encrypt any data so there is no risk of data loss; protection;
Drawbacks / flaws:
In conclusion: Useful appliion if you desire to block any software installed on your computer from being used.

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