Thursday, May 26, 2016

ACTIVATE Toolkit and EZ- v2.2.3
2010 Toolkit and EZ- - multifunctional 2010. Includes a set of tools for managing s and . You can also put on the of any one component of the , only Word or Excel. Works with all versions of 2010. It can use the KMS-activated, even if you are using a retail Retail-. of MS Professional Plus 2010
Product : 6QFDX-PYH2G-PPYFD-C7RJM-BBKQ8 This set of tools for managing s and of 2010. The result of all the functions displayed in the information in the console window. All operations are performed in the background, and a graphical interface is disabled to prevent multiple execution functions, since this could ld to instability or damage to the 2010. Options AutoKMS Uninstaller, AutoRrm Uninstaller, Uninstaller and Product Checker work, even though 2010 is not installed. Some ftures: * of 2010 (Using KMS) * Retail transformation in Volume (VL) * Reset the trial counter * Add a working * Check your product * View the status of * Backup * Remove System Requirements: Installed . NET Framework 3.5 Run with Administrator privileges on 7 To activate, press the button - "EZ-" and wait for reports that was successful.

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