Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Tip to quick-buying guide for a mid-range Canon DSLR

Does photography interest you and are you on the lookout for a mid-range Canon DSLR camera? It is but obvious that Canon’s wide variety of DSLRs will lve you confused and unfocusedto make the perfect buy. Many do not understand the fact that a good mid-range camera can also crte some amazing photographs. You need not spend a bomb on a professional camera to get some better pic. Let’s do a quick browse through Canon DSLRs and understand as to how you can make a good purchase.Canon offers numerous compacts which don’t have many major differences on a comparative basis in terms of size,colorsor make. However, Canon has around 8 SLRs and yet it is a major task todecide as to which SLR one must opt for. Canon is a pioneer and with every new product offering it has something interesting to offer.A Single Lens Reflex (SLR) refers to the hinged mirror that bounces the light passing through the lens up to the viewfinder to frame and then finds its way out with the shutter mechanism. ACanon DSLRoffers crtive versatility and good quality. Versatility is not the only rson for owning a Canon DSLR. When you have a mid-range Canon DSLR, even the spks volumes.The 10.1 megapixel Canon Power Shot S200 Camera is good in terms of its price, just a bit slow with major competition in its range. The 12.2 megapixel EOS 1100 DIS, more like a traditional SLR. Canon EOS 1200D is an upgraded model of EOS 1100 DIS, and is faster and has a higher resolution. The 18 megapixel Canon EOS 1200D Kit has the highest resolution so far offered by any Canon camera, and the picture quality is much sharper. It has an added fture of better lights as no flash is needed to click indoor pictures. Also the recording is good with more provision for multiple frame rates.The next one to try in the Canon mid-range is the 14.3 megapixel Canon Power Shot G1 X Camera that offers superior build, faster focus and operation. Look -wise though, it is a bit old fashioned, yet it is a good buy for the price for which it is being offered. Moving from here, we have the 18-megapixel EOS 7D, which though is priced high, but in terms of its performance is fast and gives way for some grt s.

The Canon Power Shot S200 with wi-fi is available online for a price of Rs. 19395 and the EOS 1100 DIS is available for Rs. 32975. The Canon EOS 1200D Kit is available online for Rs. 31035 and Canon Power Shot G1 X Camera is available for Rs. 29095 and Canon EOS 7D for Rs. 110575. See which one fits your needs and more than anything fits your budget. The best camera you invest your money in is here to give you much more as it from one of the lders in digital technology, it is from Canon.

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