Thursday, May 26, 2016

5 sy Steps to Download Facebook s With out any softawre

There are Three sy steps for which we download Facebook s without any software. Facebook is one the best and powerful social media and networking for sharing s, s and have seen many tricks to download Facebook s with different software. Now I tell you three sy steps of Facebook s download. I 100% assure you this steps works.
First Step:

Select your desired which you want download. Then you right click on the date to get copy URL as shown below screenshot

Second Step:

After copying URL for example below your PC URL

Three Step:

Now you convert your PC URL address into mobile just insert "m" in front of URL for example

Four Step:

Now play the in mobile format it will look like below.

Five Step:

Now right click on the and choose the option "save as" it look like below

Note: First play the then right click on the

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