Thursday, May 26, 2016

5 Big Social Media to Incrse Website Traffic

Social Mediais powerful place to incrse blog or site traffic. You have a crted a blog but very low traffic. There are many ways you can incrse traffic on your blog like Social Media, Guest Blogging and Forum Posting and so on. By using Social Media you can promote your website.

First add Social Share button in your site. Adding social share button at the beginning of the post and end of post. Social Media ads too incrse your blog traffic. The advantage of using social media to drive more traffic to your blog is the fact that it is true. It is sy to use a social media platform to promote your blog. Social Media well knows source of incrse blog traffic. Here are Top 5 ways to incrse blog traffic through social media. 1.) LinkedInLinkedIn is powerful social media site for incrse traffic for your blog. It is the grt way to promote your blog. LinkedIn is used in more than 200 countries and more than 200 million users.2.) PinterestPinterest is the social sharing platform. Pinterest is very valuable tool for bloggers. A large amount of traffic on my blog comes from pinterest. 3.) FacebookNowadays Facebook is a strong social media to incrsing blogs traffic. Crte your Facebook Fan Page for your blog traffic. Facebook is that the most used social networking web site with virtually one with 11 billion users.4.) TwitterTwitter is a social plat form to incrse your blog traffic. You can get more followers and more traffic fo your contents through twitter. Crte a twitter account and setup up your twitter account for your business. You add tweet button to all your blog post and tweets regularly.5.) Google +Google+ ishugelyuse forcontentmarketing. Google+ is also a tool to incrse traffic for your websiteorblog. Google+ was crted to improve all of your Google experience like G-mail, YouTube. Add Google+ share button to your blog.

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